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iMex is a company with wide expertise, specialized in Advisory and Consulting in International Business.

We provide integrated management of all Import and / or Export operations, International Representation, development of new markets, international suppliers and products, and Trading Licenses.

We aim to understand details in the performance of each company in order to provide an efficient and optimized management for each client, providing the execution of each operation with objectivity, excellence and adjusting to the real needs of each client.

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Door-to-door management with integration to the commercial interface, logistics, exchange and customs coordination;
From collection at the supplier to the final customer delivery.

• Business interface;
• Fiscal analysis and classification of goods;
• Elaboration of cost estimates;
• Administrative Treatments;
• Quotation and contracting of international insurance of goods;
• Quotation and contracting of international transport;
• Coordination of pre-shipment inspections;
• Pre-shipment analysis and documentary checking;
• Instructions for exchange contract;
• Customs Clearance;
• Temporary admission;
• Customs Warehouse.


We offer full export support, adjusting the production process, commercial issues, logistic operations and customs clearance;
Aiming to meet the interests of the exporter and the requirements of the foreign market.

• Elaboration and composition of export prices;
• Adequacy of labels and packaging;
• Analysis of documentary requirements and restrictions;
• Coordination of pre-shipment inspections;
• Commercial Invoice Making, Packing List, Certificates, and others;
• Customs Clearance;
• Contracting, coordination and interface with logistics operators;
• Redex.


We offer a complete and sophisticated transportation, warehousing and distribution service;
With qualified and certified partners.

• We operate in all sectors, mainly health, pharmaceutical, medical-hospital, diagnostic, clinical and cosmetic products, using cutting-edge technology to provide excellence throughout Brazil.
• Warehousing and transportation with ANVISA homologation;
• Handling and storage of general, special, surplus and project cargo;
• International Freight Agency: Sea, Air and Road.


Quick Trading Licenses (Radar) for starting the Foreign Trade operations.

• Analysis and framework of the expected modality;
• Follow-up with the tax department / accounting or specialized advice in the collection of documents required by the Federal Revenue Service;
• Presentation and protocol of the documents with the Federal Revenue Service;
• Follow-up of the process with the Federal Revenue Service;
• Registration of representatives in SISCOMEX.


We have the strategic platform of an international partner with a broad experience in market opening worldwide;

Mainly in the North American market, with strong performance in e-commerce and technology-centric companies, as well as medical equipment / supplies industry.
• Product Acceleration in Silicon Valley.


Develop strong partnerships with customers and suppliers through excellence, transparency and reliability in business management.


We aim to be a company known for developing customized solutions, intelligent strategies to reduce costs and provide high customer satisfaction.


Extraordinary and personalized service; Quality; Safety; Ethic; Commitment; Integrity
and Competence.


We exclusively represent international companies in the Brazilian market, having a strong presence in the medical-hospital sector.
We develop new partnerships and negotiate exclusive contracts.


What they are talking about us:

"By adopting a business partner as part of our co-work, we need to make sure of several principles. Firstly, the quality of the service to be provided as a whole, since the name involved is also ours. We evaluate its credibility in the market and the positive results achieved through it.

Secondly, we need to feel safe about the deadlines, guarantees and professional team of the partner, as well as their values, guarantees and follow-up until conclusion.

Finally, the commitment to the process to make sure we can keep doing more business with this company. MACOM INTRUMENTAL CIRURGICO has been using the work of IMEX INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING for 5 years.

The import advisory services offered to Macom by iMex helped us to unite everything we need in one place. I would like to congratulate Mr. Rodolfo Fazano, iMex manager, for the excellent work done for Macom during this period."

Reinaldo Rodrigues
General Director - Macom Instrumental Cirúrgico.

"Competence is a very clear quality. Innovare has been a client of iMex for almost 3 years and we can assure that we fully trust. Mr. Fazano performs a flawless service, showing us confidence and clarity in every process.

He has been facilitating our imports and finding solutions that have only brought us benefits.

iMex performs advisory with an exemplary attention, fast service and wide knowledge in the subject, giving us the reassurance we need. We are always indicating iMex for companies that require the same type of service. We would like to thank them, for all the professionalism, dedication and, above all, the patience he has had during all our import process.

We have always been very well assisted in the countless times we asked for changes and suggestions, always listening and explaining every detail of the process. Our result has always been very positive and due to that we can assure that we will always be iMex´s customers.”

Stephanie Patella
CEO - Innovare.


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